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The Huge SIPC Risk Your Broker Isn't Disclosing Forbes 2014-07-16
Why brokerage account insurance is a bigger scam than Madoff PBS NEWSHOUR 2014-06-26
Why No One Should Use Brokerage Accounts! PBS NEWSHOUR 2014-06-20
Close Your Brokerage Account! Forbes 2014-06-18
Will the Rich Always Get Richer? Forbes 2014-06-14
America’s Ponzi scheme: Why Social Security needs to retire PBS NEWSHOUR 2014-04-07
Why MyRA Won’t Save Our Failing Retirement System The Fiscal Times 2014-02-24
It’s Time to Eliminate the US Corporate Income Tax Vox 2014-01-14
Abolish the Corporate Income Tax! NY Times 2014-01-06
It's No Bubble: Why We Should All Give Bitcoin a Chance (with Rob Shavell) PBS NEWSHOUR 2013-12-04
A Tax Reform Plan that Both Parties Can Like (with John Goodman) The Fiscal Times 2013-10-13
Ending the Health Care Standoff the Right Way? PBS NEWSHOUR 2013-10-07
Oh, and By the Way, Our Government Is Totally Broke! Boston Globe, Yahoo 2013-10-07
Is Hyperinflation Just Around the Corner? Yahoo 2013-09-27
Why Wall Street Wants Summers And Why The Rest Of Us Should Not Forbes 2013-08-29
The U.S. Fiscal Cliff CESifo 2013-08-13
Financial Integrity, the First Requirement for the Fed Huffington Post 2013-08-12
Janet Yellen has what it takes to lead the Fed The Boston Globe 2013-07-28
Gay Couples Can Now Cash In On Social Security By Getting Married Forbes 2013-06-26
Medicare By the Scary Numbers The Wall Street Journal 2013-06-25
Why the Government Needs to Budget Over the Infinite Horizon Yahoo 2013-06-14
The Real Problem with Reinhart-Rogoff Yahoo 2013-05-30
Cyprus -- The Nightmare Scenario and How to Avoid It in America PBS NEWSHOUR 2013-03-21
Krugman's Four Dangerous Fiscal Fables Yahoo 2013-03-12
Why the Sequester Won't Solve America's Debt Problems PBS NEWSHOUR 2013-02-28
Inside Social Security’s Obscure Incentive to Keep Americans Working Yahoo 2013-02-04
The Treasury Has Already Minted Two Trillion Dollar Coins Yahoo 2013-01-17
Fiscal compromise ignores depth of nation’s economic woes Boston Globe 2013-01-06
Another Victory in the War on Our Children PBS NEWSHOUR 2013-01-04
When To Take Social Security -- There's No Easy Answer Yahoo 2013-01-02
Is The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Overshadowing The Real Economic Crisis? WBUR Boston Public Radio 2012-12-21
The Hysterical Economy PBS NEWSHOUR 2012-12-10
Presentation at U.S. Treasury Office of Financial Research U.S. Treasury Office of Financial Research 2012-12-06
Financial Advice for the Challenges Facing Obama The Boston Globe 2012-11-11
Mr. Draghi's Dangerous Confidence Game Forbes 2012-11-10
Fiscal Child Abuse American Style The World Financial Review 2012-10-01
Ten Nasty Social Security Gotchas to Avoid Forbes 2012-09-20
Economists Risk Labeling as Political Hacks Bloomberg 2012-08-21
Obama, Romney and the Fiscal Gap The Exchange, Yahoo! Finance 2012-08-13
Thomas Jefferson Is Rolling in His Grave -- A Rant on Social Security's Complexity Forbes 2012-08-12
Paul Ryan Pick Shows Romney Is Serious About Protecting Our Children Forbes 2012-08-11
U.S. Is “Totally Broke”: Federal Govt.’s Fiscal Gap Is $222 Trillion: Economist Yahoo 2012-07-31
'Somebody Gave You Some Help' - Echo of JFK Forbes 2012-07-21
When Should I Take Social Security?-- A 'Simple' Formula Forbes 2012-07-17
What Neither Candidate Will Admit -- Social Security Is Desperately Broke Huffington Post 2012-07-16
I'd Run Barclays For $1 Million! Forbes 2012-07-11
Social Security Hole Overwhelms Taxes, Cuts Bloomberg 2012-07-11
Vickers is not enough to stop another Libor Scandal (need to register to access FT Op Ed) Financial Times 2012-07-09
Putting an End to Faith-Based Banking Forbes 2012-07-07
42 Social Security "Secrets" All Baby Boomers and Millions of Current Recipients Need to Know Forbes 2012-07-02
Did Justice Roberts Read My Blog? Huffington Post 2012-06-29
We Are Our Children's Keepers Huffington Post 2012-06-28
Sylvia Nasar's Grand Pursuit Is a Grand Gift Huffington Post 2012-06-19
A Proposal to End Europe’s Debt Crisis Financial Times 2012-06-13
Krugman's Macroeconomic Rants Huffington Post 2012-05-14
Saving Face or Saving Lives? When Will Obama Lead? Huffington Post 2012-05-10
Making More Jobs in Our Economy -- The Secret Sauce Huffington Post 2012-05-05
Shattering the American Dream: The US Government’s Ponzi Scheme VoxEU 2012-05-04
Under-Thirty Eyes Only Huffington Post 2012-04-30
Tom Friedman Should Run for President Huffington Post 2012-04-12
Time for a Serious Third Party Candidate Huffington Post 2012-04-10
Pro Golfers Should Boycott Augusta 'National' Golf Club Huffington Post 2012-04-09
Gail Collins' Worst Column Huffington Post 2012-04-01
Justice Kennedy Asks Key Question Re: Obamacare(s) Mandate Huffington Post 2012-03-29
When Billionaires Say Stupid, Dangerous Things Huffington Post 2012-03-23
Women's Rights, Fetuses' Rights, and States' Rights Huffington Post 2012-03-22
The Fed's No Stress Stress Test Huffington Post 2012-03-14
Time for Congress to Authorize Use of Force Against Iran Huffington Post 2012-02-10
The Purple Tax Plan Huffington Post 2012-02-07
Start Saving or Get Ready for U.S. Decline Bloomberg 2011-12-29
Save Europe by Saying No to Bank Borrowing Bloomberg 2011-12-13
The Cure for an Uncoordinated Economy Bloomberg 2011-11-29
Deficit Accounting Is a Generational Ponzi Scheme The Fiscal Times 2011-11-08
Governor Rick Perry’s Generational Rip-Off Bloomberg 2011-11-02
Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel Should Love 9-9-9's Huge Wealth Tax Forbes 2011-10-27
Economists Can’t Be Trusted on Tax Plan Bloomberg 2011-10-25
The 15-15-15 Purple Tax Plan Is Fairer Than 9-9-9 Forbes 2011-10-21
A Fair Accounting of Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Bloomberg 2011-10-19
Euro’s Affordable Salvation, in Five Steps Bloomberg 2011-10-11
Five Prescriptions to Heal Economy Bloomberg 2011-09-27
A Purple Memo for the Red and Blue Super Committee The Fiscal Times 2011-09-23
America's debt woe is worse than Greece's CNN Opinion 2011-09-20
To Save Euro, Turn Banks Into Mutual Funds Bloomberg 2011-09-13
U.S. Government Merits a Junk Credit Rating Bloomberg 2011-08-16
Generational Balance, Not Budget Balance Bloomberg 2011-08-02
A Third Party Candidate Is Coming Bloomberg 2011-07-19
Stop the Fiscal War Against Our Children Bloomberg 2011-06-29
Vouchercare Is the Right Name for Medicare Bloomberg 2011-06-15
Mutual Funds Can Replace Fannie and Freddie Bloomberg 2011-06-01
Obama, Ryan, Gingrich Muddle Health Debate Bloomberg 2011-05-19
Make Drug Use Pay Its Own Way (with Glenn Loury) Bloomberg 2011-05-10
Left, Right Can Love Tax Plan (with Andrew Weiss) Bloomberg 2011-04-27
Obama Might Trade Parties With Paul Ryan Bloomberg 2011-04-18
Nuclear Power Runs Amok Bloomberg 2011-03-21
Study This To See Whether Harvard Pays Off Bloomberg 2011-03-08
When Pretending Fails to Hide Bankruptcy Bloomberg 2011-02-22
How to Fix Mortgage Mess in Three Steps Bloomberg 2011-01-13
Health Law’s Demise May Permit Better Plan Bloomberg 2010-12-28
Ireland Must End 'Trust Me' Banking Bloomberg 2010-12-06
Baby Boomers -- The Greediest Generation Forbes 2010-11-12
U.S. Should Cut China Slack on Yuan Value Bloomberg 2010-11-10
U.S. Debt Is Fiscal Child Abuse Bloomberg 2010-10-21
Deficit Panel Ignores $153 Trillion Hole: Laurence Kotlikoff Bloomberg 2010-10-15
Poor Kid on Block Gets Fleeced By Elderly Bloomberg 2010-09-24
A Tax Reform to Kick-Start the Economy Bloomberg 2010-08-30
Retiree Ponzi Scheme $16 Trillion Short Bloomberg 2010-08-24
The U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It Bloomberg 2010-08-10
Uncle Sam has Worse Woes than Greece Financial Times 2010-07-25
Financial reform signed into law (Laurence Kotlikoff interviewed) WGBH-FM “Callie Crossley Show” 2010-07-21
Restoring Trust In Our Economy Forbes 2010-07-21
Laurence Kotlikoff replies to Lord Turner: Part 2 Financial Times 2010-07-20
Laurence Kotlikoff replies to Lord Turner: Part 1 The Financial Times 2010-07-19
Get A Bigger Social Security Check—Now Forbes 2010-07-19
Financial Reform, R.I.P. Forbes 2010-07-15
What's A Fair Divorce Settlement? Forbes 2010-07-07
The Do-It-Yourself Roth Conversion Calculator Forbes 2010-04-26
Goldman Snake Oil Won't Have to Break Buck Bloomberg 2010-04-20
We Can Learn Some Lessons From George Bailey's Morality Tale The Independent 2010-03-07
Medicare Part C For All Forbes 2010-02-17
If Banks Can’t Borrow, They Won’t Be Able to Fail The Times of London 2010-02-02
The Number: Retirement Planning Gone Wrong Forbes 2010-01-21
A Fair Accounting of Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Bloomberg 201-10-19
Does Moving For A Job Make Sense? Forbes 2009-12-08
How to Take Moral Hazard Out of Banking The Financial Times 2009-12-02
Back to Basics The New Republic 2009-05-14
Should You Move In With Your Mom? Forbes 2009-05-10
Limited-Purpose Banking The American Interest Online 2009-05-01
A Banking System We Can Trust Forbes 2009-04-23
Run on Banks Persistent Risk Without Limited Purpose Banking Bloomberg 2009-04-16
Scrap the Summers-Geithner Plan The Boston Globe 2009-04-07
Resurrect Your Retirement Forbes 2009-04-07
The Geithner-Summers Plan Is Worse Than You Think The FT Economists’ Forum 2009-04-05
A Modest Proposal: Limited Purpose Banking Dallas Morning News 2009-03-15
How to Fix US Healthcare The Financial Times 2009-03-14
Limited Purpose Banking: Putting An End to Financial Crises The FT Economists’ Forum 2009-01-27
Finally, System Risk Insurance RGE Monitor 2008-12-01
The End of Social Security? Don't Reform It, Replace It The Boston Globe 2008-11-24
Economic War Calls for Full Battle Plan Bloomberg 2008-11-13
Social Security for the Young The Dallas Morning News 2008-11-02
Recapitalising the banks is not enough The Financial Times 2008-10-26
Clearing the Way for Low-Cost Biogenerics The Boston Globe 2008-10-26
Recapitalising the Banks is not Enough The FT Economists' Forum 2008-10-26
Running a National Sale RGE Monitor 2008-10-25
Getting an Economic Grip The Dallas Morning News 2008-10-19
Disaster Insurance is the Answer The FT Economists' Forum 2008-10-10
No Depression This Time, Uncle Sam Has Got Our Back The Washington Post 2008-10-09
Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Letter 2008-09-30
Going Bust? Forbes 2008-09-29
Prize for Being the Biggest Liar is: Taxpayers Foot the Bill! Dallas Morning News 2008-09-28
The Right Financial Fix RGE Monitor 2008-09-25
Bagehot plus RFC: The Right Financial Fix The Financial Times 2008-09-25
Is the U.S. Going Broke? Forbes 2008-09-11
The Emperor's Dangerous Clothes The Economists' Voice 2008-04-01
Insider Ratings Have Eroded Trust in Wall Street The Boston Globe 2008-03-30
Why Democrats Should Love the FairTax The Boston Globe 2008-02-24
Why the Fair Tax Will Work Tax Notes 2008-01-15
Pension Reform as the Triumph of Form over Substance The Economists' Voice 2008-01-15
Driving in LA with a Map of NY Address to the International Federation of Accountants World Accountancy Forum 2007-12-04
We are All Uninsured Now The Boston Globe 2007-08-28
A 10-Point Plan for Universal Healthcare Coverage The Jewish Daily Forward 2007-08-08
Enlisting Iraqis to Rebuild their Country The Boston Globe 2007-04-11
Averting America's Bankruptcy with a New New Deal The Economists' Voice 2007-03-13
Drifting to Future Bankruptcy The Philadelphia Inquirer 2006-10-27
The Great Pension Swindle The Boston Globe 2006-10-22
The Time to Plan Is Now Time Magazine 2006-07-02
Are Economists Smarter? Economists' Voice 2006-06-01
Are Economists Smarter? The Economists' Voice 2006-05-01
Financial Advisers Miss Mark by Ignoring Dynamic Method The Dallas Morning News 2006-04-25
Risking a Standard of Living The Dallas Morning News 2006-04-23
What is the Price of Retiring Early? The Dallas Morning News 2006-04-18
Planners Benefit When We Take Risks The Dallas Morning News 2006-04-11
Financial Planning 2.0 The Dallas Morning News 2006-04-09
Get Real About Retirement The Dallas Morning News 2006-04-02
Grading the President's Tax Reform Panel The Economists' Voice 2006-04-01
Is Conventional Financial Planning Good for Your Financial Health? BU Working Paper 2006-01-01
The New New Deal The New Republic 2005-08-18
Why Can't the World Bank Be More Like a Bank? The Wall Street Journal 2005-06-01
The Case for the 'FairTax' The Wall Street Journal 2005-03-07
Fixing Medicare Forbes 2004-12-13
Resolution for 2003: Real Telephone Competition in State The Chattanooga Times 2003-01-12
What Japan Must Do Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japanese Business News) 2002-11-18
Getting Argentina Back to the Future LA Times 2002-06-30
The Case for a Tax Hike BU Working Paper 2001-02-01
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