Speaking Engagements

Professor Kotlikoff speaks to hundreds of U.S. and foreign businesses and government groups about economic and policy issues, both domestic and foreign. His talks cover a very wide range of micro and macro topics. Examples include:

  • Is the U.S. Bankrupt?
  • Is Conventional Financial Advice All Wrong?
  • The Healthcare Fix
  • Worldwide Economic Growth
  • Fixing the World Bank
  • Iraq -- Plan B
  • Getting Argentina Back to the Future
  • Pension Reform in Chile
  • Whither the Euro?
  • Can China Keep Growing?
  • Economics’ Revolution in Financial Planning
  • Are Americans Saving Enough?
  • The Trade Deficit, What It Really Means?
  • Spend Till The End
  • Does It Pay to Work?
  • Are Economists Smarter?
  • China’s Currency Reform – Is it Time?
  • When Can I Retire?
  • The Coming Generational Storm
  • Why Interest Rates are Heading North
  • Will the U.S. Hyperinflate?
  • Economic Magic
  • The Demographic Sword of Damocles
  • Is America’s Middle Class Disappearing?
  • Boomers’ Mega-Inheritance, Myth or Reality?
  • Remaking Social Security from Scratch
  • The New New Deal
  • Financial Advice or Malpractice?
  • Why America Doesn’t Save
  • Does It Pay to Save?
  • Telecom’s End Game -- Monopoly?
  • The Case for the FairTax
  • Generational Accounting
  • Intertemporal State Budgeting
  • The General Relativity of Fiscal Language
  • The Great Pension Swindle

To book Professor Kotlikoff, please contact him at 617 834-2148 or kotlikoff@gmail.com.

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